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What is an Open Mic. Night?

An Open Mic. Night is an opportunity for musicians to perform in front of a live audience. Some of the performers are seasoned muso's, and some are just starting out. It is a chance for musicians to rub shoulders with other musicians, and maybe pick up some trade secrets, or meet prospective new member for their band. An Open Mic. Night is a stepping stone to paid gigs, and a chance to hone your repertoire.

How many songs do I need to perform?

Depending on the venue, you will be able to perform 1 song, 2-3 songs, or maybe an entire set.

As a performer, what do I have to bring?

Just bring your instrument and/or backing tracks. Backing tracks can be either on an ipod or equivalent, or on a thumb drive for the engineer to load into the sound system.

If you are playing a guitar, don't forget your tuner.

What does the venue look after?

The look and feel of an Open Mic. Night is controlled by the Sound Engineer. In most cases, the engineer will supply a small PA, foldback (so you can hear yourself), a speaker or two for the audience to listen to, and lighting.

The only time the engineer does not bring a PA, is when it is supplied by the venue. We call this an "In House PA".

How big is the PA?

Most Open Mic. PA's are quite small. Usually there are no more than 2 people on stage (a Duo), but more often than not, a soloist will be performing. A duo may require 2 vocal microphones, and 2 DI's for the instruments.

The foldback for a duo would comprise of 2 small wedges. The mixing desk may need a minimum of 8 channels. Vocal 1, Vocal 2, Guitar 1, Guitar 2, CD Player, Ipod input, and a line in from a pc for playing the contents of the usb drive (if necessary).

Of course a microphone to address the audience, and performers while they are on stage setting up also helps.

How about lighting?

Enough lighting to set the mood. A couple of LED PAR64's for the stage, and maybe a special effect.  Its up to the Engineer to set the mood.


Some venues host competitions over a few weeks. These competitions may be talent based, but in most cases, numbers based.

The "Perth Open Mic Nights" menu item has a list of venues, and the type of competition that they offer.